Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Apple's Connected Car Strategy: Brings “Eyes Free” Siri To Cars

Siri thing is making its way to the automobile world with something Apple refer to as the ‘Eyes Free’ system. It is set to replace the conventional hands-free systems. Apple demonstrated this feature of the new iOS 6 at its 2012 Worldwide Developer’s Conference. The Eyes Free system comes with only one button on the steering wheel, which activates the Siri in your Apple device, which is already connected via Bluetooth to your car.

You can then ask your Car Siri question about real-time traffic information, email and text, personal calendars, music, weather, and so on. Currently if you want any of that you need to look into your infotainment system and push a couple of buttons.

Apple is working with car makers such as GM, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover, Jaguar, Audi, Toyota, Chrysler and Honda to make this Eyes Free thing a global standard. Not included was Ford, which just happens to be the most aggressive automaker when it comes to integrating connected car technologies such as voice command and control. Ford is apparently sticking with Microsoft hoping they come up with something similar for their SYNC system.

In the next 12 months, Apple’s Siri will start conversing with us through our car speakers. Here’s Apple’s rather sparse description of Siri’s Eyes Free capabilities:
… you’ll be able to ask Siri questions without taking your eyes off the road. To minimize distractions even more, your iOS device’s screen won’t light up. With the Eyes Free feature, ask Siri to call people, select and play music, hear and compose text messages, use Maps and get directions, read your notifications, find calendar information, add reminders, and more. It’s just another way Siri helps you get things done, even when you’re behind the wheel.


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